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Unusual Systems for White

These systems can take the opponent by Suprise and put White in their own preparation comfort zone!

The Nimzo-Larsen Attack System (843)
The Bird’s Opening (1.f4) (629)

Chess Openings after 1.e4 – White Systems perspective

1.d4 is often favoured over 1.e4 nowadays by GMs and Club players alike for being less theoretically analysed

The Kings Gambit collection (3291)
The Ruy Lopez (Spanish Game) Collection (594)
The Grand Prix Attack against the Sicilian Collection (1425)
The Kings Indian Attack Collection (1944)
The Scotch Game Collection (1214)
The Scotch Gambit Collection (105)
The Vienna Game Collection (1256)
The Evans Gambit Collection (203)

Chess Openings after 1.e4 – Black Systems perspective

Although Black has the disadvantage of not having the first move, it is often easier to prepare as black your own defences!

The Caro-Kann Defence Collection (642)
The French Defence Collection (611)
The Pirc Defence Collection (305)
The Sicilian Najdorf Collection (2823)
The Sicilian Dragon Collection (1356)
Sicilian Defence Instructive Games (1096)

Chess Openings after 1.d4 – White systems perspective

White Systems with 1.d4 to keep it on your own territory and avoid the opponent’s pet lines!

The Torre Attack Collection (247)
The Trompovsky Attack Collection (245)

Chess Openings after 1.d4 – Black systems perspective

Many Indian systems have evolved over the years to help fight 1.d4

The Slav Defence (QGD variation) (461)
The Albin Counter Gambit Collection (1106)
The Kings Indian Defence Collection (2259)
The Benko Gambit collection (1063)
The Nimzo Indian Collection (336)
The Queens Indian Defence Collection (280)
The Queens Gambit Declined Collection (361)
The Grunfeld Defence Collection (386)
The Dutch Defence Collection (413)

The English Opening (1.c4)

The English opening is becoming increasingly popular at all levels to get a less theoretically analysed game and play on one’s own resources!

The English Opening Collection (621)

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