Kingscrusher ICC Live Commentary Games by Season Historically

Blitz games are generally 5 minutes each on the clock. Online blitz chess has “premoves” which means it is sometimes possible to play more moves than you would be able to in Over the Board blitz. These blitz games are played most often on the Internet Chess Club (ICC) on the 5-minute autopairing system. You don’t get to choose your opponents on this, and often get to play against strong titled players such as IMs and GMs.

Kingscrusher’s games by Season on the ICC with live commentary

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Youtube Playlist 1-200 (873)
Youtube Playlist 201-400 (4627)
Youtube Playlist 401-600 (824)
Youtube Playlist 601-800 (1) (758)
Youtube Playlist 801-1000 (61) (1444)
Youtube Playlist 1001-1200 (1321)
Youtube Playlist 1201-1400 (1007)
Youtube Playlist 1401-1600 (1175)
Youtube Playlist 1601-1800 (1834)
Youtube Playlist 1801-2000 (4715)


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