2 thoughts on “Kingscrusher’s own personal OTB games”

  1. Hi Kingscrusher,

    i like your chess work very much, and i enjoy it, whenever i have time for it.
    I am a professional musician, who is playing chess since 1960.

    1970 i played a Remis against Tigran petrosjan after 63 moves, and an endgame with a ruck and two pawns for each of us. He was an unbelievable sympathic man, a very hairy man. He was shaved very well, but he looked as if he would have a fullbeard.

    it was a simultaneous game with 20 victories, 1 lossed and 1 Remis game.

    You have got a very good voice and very good choosen games, and i am
    one of your fans.

    Stay healthy and positive :
    With best regards from the big harbour city Hamburg, where the Beatles
    fpound there way to play and to go to the top.

    Peter Fläschner
    Hamburger Entertainer
    Diplom der Musikhochschule Hamburg

  2. enjoy your 5 minute blitz games with commentary immensely. I find these very educational.
    Have you recorded any of your own games with a 30 minute or with normal time controls, also with commentary?

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