4 thoughts on “What games do you want annotated from the recent Istanbul Olympiad 2012 ?!”

  1. You are a better judge of which games are more instructional. I look forward to whatever you decide. I hope you are planning to cover the Grand Prix in London which is coming up. (if you have time).

  2. I would like to see one or more rounds with the Romanian team.
    From what I know, Romania is number 8, ahead of Germany, England, Denmark and so on. Surprisingly, Romania does not have a strong Russian chess school influence. On the contrary, Olympic Romanian results in the past were opposed to those of the Russian block (from which new national teams emerged (e.g. Armenia, Ukraine and other former soviet republics)).
    So I guess it would be interesting to follow a few Romanian games against monster GM’s this year in Istanbul.
    I thank thee much.

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